The Bangkok Old Girls Society has been meeting at the Nipa Thai restaurant at the Lancaster Hotel near Hyde Park since the late ‘90s.

Pauline Spiers (BWG Chair 2012-14) met Gloria Moore and Madeline Hladnik, who run BOGS, on her first tour of Bangkok in the1990s. I met Pauline on her second tour in 2009, and when I returned to the UK, Pauline invited me to my first BOGS lunch in 2013 and I’m so glad she did.

The BOGS lunch is a fabulous yearly event – the food, the ambience and, of course, the company. The Nipa Thai restaurant is a hidden Thai gem; teak panelling, traditional Thai furnishings and artefacts give an authentic air to the surroundings. Thai staff dress in traditional Thai costumes to welcome you with a ‘Sawadee Ka’, and this year they even provided hot and sunny Bangkok-style weather too!

Scrummy Thai appetizers of chicken satay skewers, fish cakes, wontons, spring rolls and Thai crackers are followed by four delicious meat and fish, curry and stir fry dishes accompanied by fragrant rice and to round it off, three mouth watering sorbets and a hot tea. An absolute bargain at only £36 including pre-lunch fizz plus wine and soft drinks to accompany your meal.

I had a smashing time this year with a full table of Old Girls who were living in Bangkok at the same time as me (some are still Bangkok residents just visiting the UK for summer).


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