“I want a cat, I want a cat, I want a cat”, said the Spare, over and over and over until we got a cat from Southridge Animal Centre.

We had to pass the RSPCA house inspection first and then we were deemed suitable to provide a home to a neutered, grumpy, unfriendly grey and white short haired domestic cat , with a wonky hip, inexplicably named Cinnamon.

He was with us for less than a week, when he began vomiting blood and producing much worse from the other end. He was rushed and admitted to the emergency pet hospital for overnight observation. We received a late night ‘phone call to say that there was nothing more to be done except a scan to provide a final diagnosis. A fretful night followed worrying not only about the pussy’s life but also the impending vet’s bill.

I made the dreaded ‘phone call in the morning. expecting the worst, only to be told Cinnamon was fine ‘eating a delicious bowl of lightly cooked chicken and rice’.

Cinnamon came home that afternoon with no explanation for the previous day’s ill health.

Bloody cat. Bloody expensive ‘free from the RSPCA’ cat.


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