After four fabulous years in South East Asia most of the family Benson returned to our hometown of St Albans. My roles in life now include; trying to keep up with my already bearded, young teenage son on the technology front (at nearly a foot taller than me there’s no point in trying to gain his respect through stature) although I’m not far behind on competing with his beard #perimenopause); aiding the tweenager in his quest to  be a thespian treading the boards and finally my least favourite role, the endless feeding of the offspring.

I used to love cooking but I’m plain bored of family meal planning – it is endless, there’s never a time it’s not time for preparing a meal, laying the table for a meal, cooking a meal, having a least one of the offspring complain about the meal, eating a meal, clearing away a meal, washing up from a meal and you’ve guessed it, time for the next meal. The opposite of the joys of parenting. Good news last night, I did not to have to cook,  Dominos Pizza provided sustenance for the tweenager sleepover and New Cafe Masala provided delicious spicy green chilli sustenance for the grown ups, a perfect accompaniment to a bottle (or two) of Tesco’s Finest Prosecco.

More good news was delivered today. After a ‘rubbish audition’ (tweenager’s review) and a sleepless night, we received a ‘phone call from the casting director and a member of the Benson family will be appearing as a ‘jock’ in an upcoming production of Disney’s High School Musical at The Abbey Theatre. Cue singing and choreographed dance routines for the next six months from the spare and a scowly face from the heir for the same time period.


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