Friendship is Magic

Bronies are a wildly popular Worldwide phenomenon but until your brawny, 5ft 11′, bearded, teenage offspring sports ears, wings and pastel t-shirts featuring rainbows and pale-hued ponies , it’s hard to imagine.

A brony in a hoody with ears and a smart phone on a golf course BRONY : The Movie was released last month and is narrated by Ashleigh Ball, a cutesy Canadian actor who provides the voice of characters Applejack and Rainbow Dash. She’s a women going through the same journey of discovery as I did, as the Brony phenomenon unfolds.

Many years ago, as I was giving birth to the spare, the midwife proclaimed “It’s a girl,….oh no it’s not, it’s a boy.” I kid you not. However, I distinctly remember being disappointed at the thought of a girl child.  I’m a practical gal at heart and the mountain of boy clothes and boy accessories, which would have gone to waste, was the first thing that came to mind. I digress slightly but my point is that from that moment, I anticipated a life of testosterone fuelled activities; unhealthy obsessions with all things vehicle related, building train tracks for hours, getting dirty playing rugby and watching WWE wrestling but I didn’t anticipate Ponyville.

As a parent of adolescent boys, a household where my strapping, bearded teenager engages with My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic to explore the different faces of friendship, adventure sharing and helping out residents of Ponyville, while dressed in an electric blue, eared hoody,  just wasn’t on my radar but it certainly is now and I rather like it.

As long as My Little Pony exists, like yeah, there will be Bronies”Ashleigh Ball the voice of Applejack and Rainbow Dash.  

Then There Were Three

After four fabulous years in South East Asia most of the family Benson returned to our hometown of St Albans. My roles in life now include; trying to keep up with my already bearded, young teenage son on the technology front (at nearly a foot taller than me there’s no point in trying to gain his respect through stature) although I’m not far behind on competing with his beard #perimenopause); aiding the tweenager in his quest to  be a thespian treading the boards and finally my least favourite role, the endless feeding of the offspring.

I used to love cooking but I’m plain bored of family meal planning – it is endless, there’s never a time it’s not time for preparing a meal, laying the table for a meal, cooking a meal, having a least one of the offspring complain about the meal, eating a meal, clearing away a meal, washing up from a meal and you’ve guessed it, time for the next meal. The opposite of the joys of parenting. Good news last night, I did not to have to cook,  Dominos Pizza provided sustenance for the tweenager sleepover and New Cafe Masala provided delicious spicy green chilli sustenance for the grown ups, a perfect accompaniment to a bottle (or two) of Tesco’s Finest Prosecco.

More good news was delivered today. After a ‘rubbish audition’ (tweenager’s review) and a sleepless night, we received a ‘phone call from the casting director and a member of the Benson family will be appearing as a ‘jock’ in an upcoming production of Disney’s High School Musical at The Abbey Theatre. Cue singing and choreographed dance routines for the next six months from the spare and a scowly face from the heir for the same time period.